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This is the personal blog of Jesse Powell, co-founder and CEO at Kraken Bitcoin Exchange, formerly of Lewt, Inc.

I will be blogging on things that interest me, and where I think my perspective may be valuable to other people. I will not be blogging often.

Topics you can expect to see discussed include: video games, virtual worlds, education, philanthropy, philosophy, and probably to a lesser extent, politics, psychology, business and law.

It should be noted that I am still acting CEO at Kraken and advisor to Lewt. While I am not blogging here on the behalf of any company, I may to some degree censor my statements to protect their interests and my contractual obligations, especially when it comes proprietary and trade secret information.

If you're looking for news about Kraken, I suggest you follow @KrakenFX on Twitter. If you're looking for some Diablo 2 freebies, I suggest you follow @Lewt on Twitter.

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